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YFA 2886



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This is a film of Leeds Children's Day, beginning with a procession through Leeds led by the Gala Queen, and finishing at Roundhay Park. In Roundhay Park there is a baby competition, a children's fancy dress competition, track events, country dancing and a fair.

The film begins in Roundhay Park where there is a running track and marquees and fencing are being assembled. A flag is being attached to a flag pole and fairground rides are being set up. Children sit underneath maypoles ready to practice for the event. Three shirtless workmen hammer in the poles for the marquees, and the children practice their maypole dancing. Track numbers are painted on the grass and the Union Jack has been hoisted up.

A large crowd have assembled on the Town Hall steps. The procession has stopped here, with several floats, starting with one for with a carousel for Weetabix and then one for St Patrick with Irish dancing. A pair of buglers announces the arrival of the Mayoress and other dignitaries, who proceed down the Town Hall steps, followed by the Gala Queen and her entourage. They walk to their waiting sports cars and the Gala Queen waves to the crowd. The procession then make sits way to Roundhay Park, including a group of men and women members of a Vespa Club of Great Britain - The Dalesmen of Yorkshire Branch No.5 written on the front of each Vespa. The procession continues through the city streets, with cars, lots of colourful floats decorated with many flowers and having children waving, one called the Queen of Greenhill School Float and Burley Road Infants followed by another scooter Club named 'The Tykes', dressed in blue. Someone else can be seen filming.

The Gala Queen arrives at the park with the other dignitaries. Mothers sit in rows holding their babies ready for the baby competition. The Mayoress and other judges sit behind a table, with the Mayoress addressing those assembled. There is a lot of film of the mothers and their babies. There is then a children's fancy dress parade, where they are dressed in such as Adam and Eve and Little Red Riding Hood. The parade is followed by boys having sprint races, a tug of war, a girl's sack race and egg and spoon race. This is followed by boy's hurdles and men's sprint races.

The Mayoress and Gala Queen walk across the park for the coronation of the Gala Queen, getting a round of applause from the large crowd before making her way to take her place in the stand, sitting behind a group of nuns and children. A large crowd have gathered to watch the events on the banks of the park. Maypole dancing is followed is followed by children can running onto the field and taking their places for synchronised country dancing. A boy sits watching eating a toffee apple with his mates.

There is a return to the track events, with men's and women's 100 yards sprint races. This is followed by a women's skipping race and a sack race, and then boy's and girl's sprint races. There is then a display of police dogs, followed by close up of many of those who have come to watch, including a child who has turned up at the 'Lost Children Tent', and children at the funfair. There are two junior members of a First Aid organisation, wearing white cross symbols on their arms, blue uniform and black caps. A girl has an ice cream, getting it all over her face, and a boy looks through a pair of binoculars. Another boy has a toy on which he pulls the string and the rotating top flies off, hurting his finger in the process. A young smartly dressed Afro-Caribbean boy is handed some ice cream cones, and his sister and mother sit and eat ice creams. Two children drink pop through straws. The film finishes with people at a busy fairground in the evening.