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YFA 2885



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This is a film of Leeds Children's Day, beginning with a procession through Leeds led by the Gala Queen, and finishing at Roundhay Park. Here there is a children's fancy dress competition, some sports events, gymnastics and country dancing.

The film begins with the Gala Queen in a white dress and red velvet robe leading the procession to Leeds Civic Hall. She is surrounded by her courtiers who wear pretty blue dresses as well as page boys and girls. They come down the steps of the Civic Hall and get into waiting cars. The Gala Queen sits in an open top car and waves to the crowd as they drive to Roundhay Park on a sunny day. They are followed by a procession of decorated floats: one for Scottish Dancing, one for English Country Dancing, another for Maypole Dancing. Other floats on shiny trucks represent historic events, community organisations, commercial businesses and stories, like Alice in Wonderland. Large crowds gather to watch in the streets.

In Roundhay Park small children are given presents as they queue with their mothers. There is a children's fancy dress competition, with many splendid entries, such as the White Rabbit and Cinderella. A group of children sit on the grass and have a picnic. Girls stage a sword fight between a group dressed in white and a group dressed in black. Many of the contestants in the children's fancy dress competition step forward to pose for the camera, with the judges looking on. A large seated crowd on the bank watch sports events, including tug of war, sack races and hurdles. There is then a display of girls doing Scottish dancing.

The Gala Queen then leads the procession into the Park and takes her place on the throne. After being crowned by the Lady Mayoress the Gala Queen parades around the ground. This is followed by a large display of Maypole dancing and then country dancing by girls waving red and green pieces of material, and other dancing. This is followed by a display of boys' gymnastics. Some of the vaulting horses have the names of the schools written on them. The whole field is covered by the many participating schools in co-ordinated displays. The film finishes with the Gala Queen doing a lap of honour in her car.