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YFA 1239



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This is a film made by Jack Eley showing the displays put on in Roundhay Park for Leeds Children's Day.

Title: 'Leeds: The Queen of Childrens (sic) Day is crowned at Roundhay Park.'

The film begins with a carnival through the streets of Leeds, led by the Children's Day Queen waving to the crowd from a car. The cars are followed by a convoy of floats mounted on lorries depicting different themes including Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, and representing schools and other organisations. Inside Roundhay Park, a huge crowd watch a parade of children in fancy dress accompanied by parents or teachers. A small girl, also dressed as a queen, is sitting on the grass surrounded by other children all dressed up. Then another parade comes onto the field led by the Mayor and the first Queen. The Queen and her attendants get onto a stage to the accompaniment of bugles. Here she is crowned by the Mayoress, and the Mayor makes a speech. The Queen also makes a speech before making her way to her seat to applause from the crowd. At the end of the speeches, there is a close-up of the Mayor and Mayoress and the Queen. They look on as there is an athletic display and a boy's gymnasium display. This is followed by younger boys and girls performing maypole dances across the field, and then a display for road safety. After this the field is again crowded with children performing highly energetic dances, followed by a making colourful patterns.