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YFA 4257



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Made by members of the Mercury Movie Makers, this film captures the beginning of a typical day in the city of Leeds. It begins at daybreak and the start of the BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast Show with John Henry and continues on capture the hustle and bustle of the city centre just before 9 o'clock.

Title - a GROUP 16 film

The film opens with a shot of an exterior of a house. A light is turned on in the top, front room of the house, illuminating the window in the early morning darkness. This is followed by a view of the skyline. John Henry, the DJ for BBC Radio Leeds begins his breakfast show.

Title - Leeds A.M.

The song Morning Has Broken is playing and is accompanied by a shot of the sun rising in the back of a power station. Henry is in the studio surrounded by various radio equipment and tape players. In the city centre, the rising sun is reflected of the windows of a tower block. Following this are shots of a few traffic lights and nearly deserted streets. At the market, vendors arrive and begin to set up, specifically those selling produce.

6:30 a.m. and men are collecting garbage on the streets. Only a very few have started to walk along the vacant streets of the city centre and the sun rises higher in the sky. One person walks near King Charles Street and Lands Lane.

The majority of the rest of the film is accompanied by a Bob Dylan song. There are more shots of the market and man with a cup of coffee. The window cleaners are out, and there are workmen loading up a fan. Busses begin to pull out of the depot, and there is a man on the street holding a newspaper. Street cleaners are near Dixons, and a man on a bike passes the Littlewoods shop. Some travellers push a trolley at the train station, and there is a shot of the Arrivals/Departures board. A train makes its way on an overpass, and the canal as well as some of the factory buildings along it can be seen.

As it becomes later in the morning, traffic on the streets slowly grows. A milkman makes his deliveries, and the sun behind the power station is much higher in the sky. A woman crosses the street, and eventually, the streets are full of many more commuters.

The last sequence of the film is a series of three types of images intercut. These include commuters filling the sidewalks of the city centre, traffic congestion on the streets, and footage of the traffic lights with the red or green man appearing to signal safe crossing.

Title - Director Keith Overend
Camera Ken Leckenby

The film ends with audio of the pips announcing, "It's 9 o'clock here on Radio Leeds."