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YFA 5498



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This is a film made by Hull engineer Cyril Elliot of a family christening, and visits to Scarborough, Bridlington, and Flamborough, as well as the Hull University rag parade.

The film begins with a mother, presumably Mrs Elliot, showing her new-born baby, one week old.  The baby’s two small sisters are in bows, also with dad, seated in Queen’s Gardens.  The family are next seen playing on the green in Humber Place.  Following this is footage of the Hull University rag parade passing Hammonds Store on the corner of Paragon Square.  The parade features lots of wonderful floats and costumes.

In Queens Gardens, the family are eating ice lollies and creams.  They emerge from Holy Trinity Church after the Christening.  They then play on the green at Humber Place. 

Next on the beach at Bridlington, a small girl plays with a bucket and spade, with donkey rides behind.  A family group sit on the sand.  The mother pushes the new-born baby in a pram in a park.  Then they are back on the beach, with mother playing with a beach ball and father whizzing his small daughter around, before they all go into the sea.  Then they go on some rides at a fairground before sitting under some cliffs on the seafront in front of Scarborough Castle.  Then the whole extended family is sat outside a café.  They look through a seafront telescope near the Spa, and are back playing on the beach before going to the large fair in the evening.

They visit a wildlife centre, Sewerby Hall, Flamborough, walking around cliffs, and watch a life boat being launched and returning. Lastly the family have a picnic, and the film ends.