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YFA 2229



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This is a short film that shows a group of boys playing a common game of the time, similar to Leap Frog, also known as ‘mounty kitty.’  The film was made by Bamforth and Company of Holmfirth.

A number of boys are playing Leap Frog by a stone wall.  An arm appears from over the wall and points at a spot on the wall, at which point, two of the boys stand one behind the other with their backs towards the wall.   Two other boys bend down in front of them to form a ‘horse’ structure.  The other boys jump on to their backs, one by one, until the sixth boy causes them all to collapse.  The group reforms and continues the game three more times with each round collapsing earlier than the previous.  The film ends with the boys standing against the wall looking at the camera and laughing.