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YFA 639



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This documents construction work at Bridlington Town Hall. The work involved laying sewer piping across the garden, which involves a large amount of excavation work. Aside from the construction, the film opens with shots of a coastline and beach.

The film opens with shots of a coastline and a lighthouse on top of a cliff. There are then shots of people on the beach from an elevated perspective, before a wide shot captures an expansive view of the bay.

The next sequence opens with a close up of a White Rose and other flowers. An elderly lady in a floral dress moves through the garden watering the various beds. Shots then show the exterior of the Bridlington Town Hall and the garden, which is full of construction equipment. The following shot shows a street where the road has slightly flooded. Various bits of sewer tubing are scattered round the garden, before an elevated wide view captures the garden space.

A shot then illustrates the excavation process, with a mechanical digger scoping away earth. More shots capture the construction site, with cranes, mechanical diggers and workmen moving about the site. A large area has now been excavated and a mechanical sits in the trench. The film concludes with further shots of the various tubing sections ready to be slotted into place.