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NEFA 10828



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A Tyne Tees Television news report looking at the operations which take place in a large commercial laundry.

The film opens with a shot of a 'train' of metal cages on castors holding large quantities of textile items waiting to be sorted for washing. A travelling shot indicates the amount of items to be laundered. Close ups follow of various bundles in the cages. A woman at a machine sorts some of the items, another using a similar machine adds identity tags to the items. A close up of the tagging process follows. The camera pulls back to show other women following the same procedure, then throwing the tagged items onto a conveyor belt.

At the end of the conveyor belt two women sort the items into different categories throwing them into a series of metal cages nearby. A wide shot shows various pieces of laundry equipment some with operators standing next to them. Close ups follow of washing machines with hot, steaming water pouring into them. Behind the glass door of one of the machines soap suds rise and fall. On the floor a can of an unnamed washing powder. The camera pans left to right where a staff member pulls items from another machine possibly a spin drier. Another workman smiling at the camera pulls a load of washing across the floor of the laundry. A close up follows of a woman scrubbing an item on a table. The film cuts back to the worker who was pulling an items from a spin drier. He loads the items into a round basket, which will eventually be placed a heated drier.

The film cuts to a woman placing the hook from an overhead hoist through the loops of a 'sack' containing washing that needs to be dried. She operates the hoist and manoeuvres the sack over the drier and lowers it in. She places a ring into the top of the drier above the washing and closes the lid. The film cuts to a machine which tumbles items of washing sorting them into those that need ironing and those that can be sent to the packing room.

The next shot is of a group of women pressing items with electric irons. For other items like handkerchiefs a special machine presses them flat in one go. Sheets go through a rolling mill type of press. Another specialist piece of equipment is similar to a tailors dummy is used for pressing shirts. The film ends with two women pushing a large trolley laden with freshly laundered items, they go through the laundry heading for the dispatch room.