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NEFA 19692



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A record of the 1962 ship launch of the M.V. British Cavalier, built by Joseph F. Thompson and Sons shipyard on the River Wear in Sunderland.

Title: Launching of
M.V. British Cavalier
19th. June 1962

Title: Built by
Joseph F. Thompson & Sons, Ltd.

Title: For
BP Tanker Co. Ltd.

Title: Mr Alistair Down

The film opens with a view of the bow and name of the ship, the British Cavalier; four men lean over the gunwale.

View of the ship in dock, the end terrace house of a street neighbours the ship. A crane hangs over the vessel.

Close-up view of two Union flags blowing in the wind.

Groups of men knock out the keel blocks supporting the hull of the ship with a battering ram.

View of the ship’s propeller, the waterline beneath it.

View of the scaffolding frame beside the ship, as onlookers gather along a walkway to observe.

Visitors are admitted through a turnstile gate. Two police officers monitor the event.

A tug boat waits in the middle of the river Wear.

Dignitaries arrive for the launching ceremony. The dignitaries prepare to have their picture taken atop the viewing gallery by the bow of the ship.

A champagne bottle is swung into the side of the ship.

View from the gallery facing the bow of the ship as the ship is launched and slides into the river.

Credit: Filmed by
Turners Highspeed Newsreel Service

Title: The End