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NEFA 14150



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A film made by Turners Film Productions to commemorate the launching of the tanker Teesfield from Furness Shipbuilding Co. Ltd at Haverton Hill, Stockton-on-Tees on the 24 February 1959.

The film opens to show a sign which reads; 'Teesfield for Hunting & Sons Ltd - Launch Tuesday 24 February 1959 - Launched by Mrs R.H. Hunting'.

General views of the ship on the slipway being cleaned for launch and of the ship's propeller.

Guests climb onto the launching platform where a man is filming the event.

Mrs R. H. Hunting launches the ship by pulling a lever, which releases a bottle of champagne. The ship descends the slipway into the River Tees.

General views of a number of other ships on the River Tees.

Mrs Hunting talks to shipyard workers.

The film ends with people departing the launch event, and Mrs Hunting leaving by car.