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NEFA 19260



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A sponsored film by Turners Film Productions of the ceremony at the launch of the cargo ship MS Katherine at William Doxford & Sons Ltd (Sunderland Shipbuilders Ltd) on 16 March 1964 from the Pallion yard. Includes footage of the construction of her sister ship in the next berth. 

Title: The Launch of M.S. "Katherine" - Monday 16th March,1964

Title: Owners - Monrovia Tramp Shipping Co., Ltd. Builders - William Doxford & Sons (Shipbuilders) Ltd, Sunderland

Title: Miss Katherine Economu

The film opens showing two flags, the Greek flag and Union Jack flying side by side, in the background the painted hull of a ship. A view of the prow of the ship shows the emblem and flag of the owners.

A platform for the launch has been constructed in front of the ship. Workers gather nearby to watch the launch. Others work under the ship knocking out the chock blocks for launching.

Some guests are gathered on the platform. Other guests and officials arrive. A man escorts Miss Katherine Economu to the launch position where a bottle of champagne is placed in a cradle, part of a mechanism which will smash the bottle against the ships hull.

A close-up shows the bottle and a small silver launch lever. The woman stands with a bouquet next to the launch mechanism. Two men in bowler hats wait in anticipation.

A photographer arranges those preparing to launch the ship into some sort of order. In the shadows below the ship's hull, workers wait to send the ship down the slipway.

Officials and guests mingle on the platform. Photographs are taken prior to the launch. Workers get ready beneath the ship. The ship slides down the slipway into the Wear and the restraining chains are pulled taught as the ship enters the water.

Guests and officials congratulate each other on the platform. The slipway is now empty. Tugs appear near the ship to help manoeuvre the huge vessel.

A group of men watch from the platform, pleased at the launch. Other officials and guests watch the ship in the river, and a final view of the ship itself in the river beyond the slipway ends the film.

Title: A Sister Ship of MS "Katherine" Under Construction On Adjoining Berth At Williamd Doxford & Sons (Shipbuilders) Ltd. Sunderland. Monday 16th March 1964

The film opens with a general view of a large section of a ship's hull being constructed. A closer view shows the workers on this part of the ship, dwarfed by the size of the vessel. The number 864 is placed just in front of the ship's keel line. General views show workers busy with welding or cutting torches.

Title: The End