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YFA 706



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This film from the Newfield School, located outside of Sheffield, documents some of the school year events, including a boat launch, fashions made by the students, camping in Wales, and a Walkabout on the school grounds. 

The film opens with a group of students, faculty, and parents  gathered at the side of the water, and a few are getting ready to launch a small boat.  They raise and secure the mast of the sailboat which has been brought to the water’s edge on a tractor bed.  One of the teachers christens the boat with a bottle of wine while the boys gather around.  The boat is launched, and a member of faculty navigates it through the waters.  Some of the boys try their hand at sailing and can be seen in that and other boats.  All of them are wearing life jackets.  This boat launch most likely takes place in the reservoir region outside of Sheffield known for its boating. 

Title – Fashion

Boys in school uniforms walk along the pavement and sit down on a grassy hill, most leaning back relaxing in the sun.  Shots of the boys are intercut with film of the Girls’ School students modelling their final fashion projects on the school fields.  Each girl does a turn and poses for the camera.  In turn, the boys on the hill are obviously quite excited by this and gawk and cheer the girls on as they model their clothing.  More of the girls pose by a car including girls who model bikinis.  The boys’ excitement grows, and some comically exaggerate their cheers and even wipe their glasses for a clearer sight.  In response to this, the girl in the bikini gets into the car and drives off the field.  Desperate not to let her go, the boys chase after the car. 

Title – Camping in Wales

There are a few tents set up on the campsite in the mountains of Wales including one that acts specifically as a kitchen.  Some of the boys are seated at the table outside eating, and there is also a shot of the girls’ tent.  A campfire has been built, and two of the boys play acoustic guitars while all the campers join in for a sing along.  Next, the campers go swimming.  The girls climb over rocks near a small waterfall, and the boys go swimming in the deeper part of the river.  They also collect drinking water to take back to camp. 
On a rainy and foggy day, the campers hike into the mountains.  After the hike they dry their clothing out on the campfire.  The students also learn how to search for gold.  One of the teachers shows how to sift through dirt collected from the bottom of the waterway inspecting the remains for anything of value. 

Title – Newfield School on the Move – Cast off September 18 – No Return Tickets

There is a shot of the school and the surrounding grounds.

Title – Y Walk – Walk to Ride – Walkabout

The whole school is out for the event.  The students and faculty walk around the school, and the students must register at different tents set up depending on their school year.  The students and faculty take many laps around the school ground, and there are various check points along the way.  As the whole school has turned out to participate in this event, evident is the diversity of the student population attending Newfield during this time period.  The film and the Walkabout end with a scenic sunset.