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YFA 5966



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This film, made by local filmmaker Ken Clough, documents the activities of the last lifeboat day at Flamborough in the summer of 1991.  The film includes footage of the boat being launched into the sea as well as the large group of spectators who have turned out for the day’s event. 

The film opens with a shot of the coast, and people are situated at different parts of the beach and cliffs near the boathouse.   The boat is at the top of the hill, just outside the boathouse, and there are spectators nearby.  The boat is numbered 37-05, and there is a close up shot of the boat’s captain.  A view out to sea where there are two smaller boats floating in the harbour as well as people wading in the water and sunbathers on the cobbled beach.  A group of spectators are seated on a bench at the top of the cliff near the boathouse.  

Men pull planks of wood into position along the cobbled beach.  The boat is launched, and a tractor pulls the boat fully into the water.  Afterwards, the tractor makes its way back onto the beach.  Further out in the harbour, a helicopter flies over a boat, and the men demonstrate an air rescue.  There is more footage of the top of cliffs, and the beach is full of spectators watching the display.  

 A man stands next to his market cart where there is a metal basket is full of crabs for sale.  The sign on the cart reads, “Fresh Boiled Flamborough Crabs  ‘Father Catches ‘em.’”  

Back in the harbour, passengers get off a boat which has been pulled to shore.  Men in waders help the passengers as they walk along a small plank onto the beach.  Next the lifeboat comes back to shore.  Men attached chains to the boat to pull it back up the hill to the boathouse.  Spectators are still gathered to see the boat being pulled uphill.  Just outside the boathouse, the lifeboat turns around so it’s again ready for launch.  Men and boys wash the boat before the lifeboat is fully pulled back into the boathouse for storage.