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YFA 1372



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This film comprises of various exerts from the lives of the Lascelles' family during the 1940s, capturing the family maintaining the grounds within Harewood house.

The opening shots of this film show a young baby pushing a seat on wheels across a room. With the baby now in the seat, a man pushes the baby around.

A woman wearing a head scarf walks along a road pulling a basket on wheels. She then works in a dry garden with another woman, and they get a fire going using dry twigs. The baby sits in a pram, and the filmmaker captures a man pushing the pram around the garden. The man then stokes the fire shovelling on more dry twigs. The next shot shows women wearing head scarfs and thick winter coats pushing a small cart down a path, before there is a brief shot of a man using what looks an old fashioned lawn mower. There are then exterior shots of the grand houses on the Harewood estate.

Small dogs are briefly shown before views of an old stone castle. A man in a blue sweater rakes leaves and in the background some sculpted hedges are visible. Several men then climb over fence and one man appears to have a shotgun. People then board a bus. Women in head scarfs and men in different coloured suits enter a wooden panelled cabin, which has a drinks bar. A group of men and women in country wear, such a flat caps and tweed suits, then mill around the cabin preparing to go for a hunt. The final shots in this sequence show the baby in the pram.

Outside a stone building, a man in a blue military uniform shakes hands with another man, and there are also smartly dressed women standing around. A nurse then holds a small baby which cries. More shots follow of men in naval and military uniforms around chatting, and one man bears a resemblance to the Earl of Harewood. Women, wearing upper class formal wear and large hats, also stand around the grand building.