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NEFA 21973



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An amateur film by John Dixon recording views in and around the hamlet of Quebec and village of Lanchester in County Durham. As well as views around each locations, the film also shows the surrounding countryside shot from nearby hills. Lanchester is also filmed in snow where an Armistice Day  procession is also seen. The final section of the film show views around the town of Wrexham in Wales including the Plas Madoc housing estate which is still under construction during the time of filming.

The film opens on views looking down onto the hamlet of Quebec in County Durham. Cars travel along the road through the village and a game of football is being played on a nearby field. The film changes to show general views of the surrounding countryside and a brief view of a young woman posing for the camera along a country road.

The film cuts to show of a large earth moving machine,  across the side of the machine  is the name ‘Wimpey’. The film changes to a view of a stone-built house. More views follow showing countryside and fields and another brief view of the young woman seen previously smiling at the camera.

Looking down from a hillside a car travels along a road out of Quebec. The view changes to show a roundabout in a playground. General views follow of the exterior of a chapel in the hamlet and a van parked in a car park. Livery along the side of the van reads ‘Pork Sausages. Hamsteels Sausage Co. Ltd, Quebec’.

A dark haired woman stands on a path beside a road followed by general views of fields, countryside and cows in a field.

The film changes to a hill looking down onto the village of Lanchester in the distance. General views follow of a horse in a field nearby followed by three horses being led along a road.

A general view of the exterior of All Saints Church in Lanchester is followed by views from a window looking down onto the roofs of nearby houses.

The clock on All Saints Church tower reads 8.15pm, the film cuts to a nearby road sign and a car travelling past. A brief view of a building site cuts to show daffodils in a field as well as views of a horse and sheep in another field.

General views of trees and fields are followed by a car driving along a country road. Empty cigarette packages litter the side of the road. General views of cattle in a field are followed by a view of a field gate and a sign on it that reads ‘Private No Road’. General views of hedges and trees in another field include a horse.

A bungalow in a street cuts to a view looking down onto the roofs of houses in the distance. The film cuts to an old whitewashed stone milepost beside a road followed a street with lam posts and telegraph poles traversing it.  A red United bus is parked in a street followed by a view of All Saints Church in Lanchester.

A bird flying overhead cuts to a view looking down onto Smallhope Burn flowing under a road bridge. Traffic moves along a street then the film cuts to views of a country road and more traffic travelling along it. General views show overhead power lines crossing the landscape.

A view of a road sign along a country road changes to that of a disused railway track. A brief shot of a woman looking at the camera changes to show traffic travelling along a country road. 

A view looking down onto a fast flowing river from a bridge changes to a sign attached to a tree that reads ‘Private Fishing. Club Members Only. Trespassers will be Prosecuted’. The film cuts to show a small wood of planted conifer trees followed by a red United double-decker bus travelling along a country road. More views follow showing fields, bushes and flowers growing in the countryside and a bird flying overhead.

The film changes to show views around Lanchester, including All Saints Church, in snow. A man clears a path with a shovel and a fire engine travels past along a main road. A lorry with a plough on the front travels past clearing snow from the road.

[Dark] A religious procession makes its way along a snowy path walking behind a metal cross. General views follow of traffic travelling along a main road including a man leading a horse and cart.

The film cuts to show a view from a window followed by views of houses on an estate. A homemade ‘For Sale’ sign is followed by views of a number of Tudor style buildings as well as views around the centre of Wrexham including a Littlewoods department store and the exterior of Wrexham Rural District Council. The film changes to show views of houses and flats, some still under construction in the Plas Madoc housing estate.  

A phantom car ride passes a statue of a man on horseback followed by a tower or castle in the distance. The film cuts to an ornate stone bridge over a river and an older couple looking over the edge of the bridge, the man eats an ice cream. A young woman looks at the camera while eating an ice lolly. This is followed by views of trees in a field cutting quickly to a brief view of two boys walking along a rocky shoreline beside a river.

More phantom car footage follows travelling along a country road in a valley surrounded by a large hill. General views show various houses and decorative gardens in an estate. The film ends with a phantom car ride along a motorway in the rain.