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NEFA 20291



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A compilation of home movie footage and commercial films produced or compiled by William Gargate, a policeman from Leadgate near Consett. Includes sequences of a family feeding lambs on a farm, and exploring rugged countryside and waterfalls in the Thorpe Thewles or Teesdale area.

Children paddle in a stream, possibly Thorpe Thewles Beck.

Views of a family sitting and walking around an enormous waterfall, possibly High Force.

Three horses stand in a field. Two children reach over the fence separating the adjacent footpath towards them. A woman pushes a child on a swing, possibly at Thorpe Thewles. The child plays on a see-saw.

A toddler plays on a beach possibly at Seaton Carew.

On a farm, a woman feeds lambs from a bottle. Another woman and a child each pick up a lamb. The boy poses with the lamb in front of the camera.

A boy cranks a millstone or knife sharpening wheel stone.

A car is driven across an open field of grass.

A family explore a stream running beneath a bridge or viaduct, probably at Middleton in Teesdale

Panoramic view of hilly rural countryside of Teesdale.

A man walking hand-in-hand with a young girl waves at the camera.

Various rural panoramic views either at Thorpe Thewlis or Teesdale

A man scratches a cow or bull’s head between its horns, and behind its ear.

View of a tug (?) boat on a river.

A woman leads two boys by the hand along a beach to the sea possibly at Whitley Bay.

A group of boys paddle in a stream at Thorpe Thewlis.

Seaside scenes: a rough sea crashes over rocks along the shore. Crab pots or kreels are stacked up on a harbourside at Craster. A pier leads to a fort (?) or lighthouse. Sea swimming. Boys swim in a tidal swimming pool at Hartlepool – along the wall behind them is painted, “DEEP SIDE”, and a triangular three tier diving board.

Views of a fast-flowing river lined with craggy rocks, flowing through a series of waterfalls at Cauldron Snout.

A woman plays tennis on a tennis court.

Views on a [the family?] farm. A child pedals a toy car.

A boy chases a bull.

Close-up view of a sea urchin being held in the palm of the hand. (Pathe)

Title: The Stichopid. Its very thick skin is contractile; its [sic] crawls by means of its suckers.

View of the creature wriggling.

Title: THE ASTERIA OR STAR-FISH. Certain species possess as many as twenty arms. Very voracious, it feeds on molluscs.

Close-up shots of a starfish.

Title: L’OPHIURID. Its arms are simple locomotive organs, for it crawls on the sea-bottom and does not swim.

View of the creature.

Title: THE OPHYOGLYPHA LACERTOSA. This invertebrate has a glossy and speckled skin, and is one of the most elegant of the species.

View of the creature.

Title: COMATULID. Its food, consisting of small animal organisms tat it meets, is carried to its mouth by its tentacles.

View of the creature.

Title: Pathescope Presents
Title: No. 2 Madouck Our Pet Bear in Cannibal Land Part Two

[Commercial cartoon]

Movie designs by M.MONNIER
The Earth’s Rotary Motion

[Commercial film]

[Following this, another commercial film depicting an aero-acrobat climbing onto the wing of a bi-plane]

[Following this, home movie footage continues]

A boy plays with a dog in the garden.

Close-up portrait shots of a man and a woman holding the dog in the arms close to their faces and petting it.

Title: A Daring Dive
Title: At Torquay (England) an intrepid swimmer has accomplished a brilliant nautical achievement.
Title: She has dived off the top of Saddle Rock at a height of 69 feet.

View of the woman diving.

Title: This movement is too rapid in the ordinary way to allow your eye to appreciate its harmony.

Slow-motion view of the woman diving off the cliff.

Title: Then, she dives amidst a splashing of luminous drops of water.

View of the woman hitting the water, in slow-motion.

Title: Imagine what 69 feet represents: the height of a 5 storied house and you will appreciate the daring of this young swimmer who is only 13 years old.