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YFA 1416



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This is a holiday film made by A R Smith of a trip to the Lakes.

The film begins with a sign for Cumberland followed by another sign for Westmoreland.
Title - Lakeland Memories

A car pulls up at a house. A couple get out and are greeted by the owners and escorted inside. From the window there is a view over a lake, with cattle in the foreground. Cars are parked in a town square next to the lake. There is a sign for Bownes Pier, and a pleasure boat goes out onto the lake. There is another sign for Ambleside Pier. Cars drive down a street where a banner across the road announces an exhibition in the town centre. A small house sits on top of a bridge going over a stream. A man walks along in shorts with a back pack past an antiques shop, carrying a guitar. He is joined by another walker and they head out to the hills.

A couple walk up a mountain path and take a rest next to a waterfall, looking at the surrounding mountain scenery. They take a car journey alongside one of the lakes. At a stop the woman feeds a bird from her hand. Next they are in a town square, before being parked up next to a lake, where they get out to have a picnic and admire the view. They later park up next to a river, where a man assembles a fishing rod and catches several fish. They pass through a town, filming from the rear of the moving car and on along a road through the mountains.

The end.