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NEFA 21877



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A home movie begins with a family visit to the Lake District possibly visiting family, before returning to the region and travels along the Northumberland coast taking in Bamburgh, Seahouses and Berwick upon Tweed. The film ends with views of a snowy Gateshead.

More regional footage from the Christopher Dunlop collection. Starting from the North West of the local region the film moves to well known locations in the North East.

The film opens on a group of people eating meals at a table under a parasol.

The film cuts to show a number of people playing badminton followed by a view of Ashness Bridge (?) in the Lake District.

A brief view follows of cattle grazing, then a family group in a garden accompanying an elderly woman around a garden.

A brief sequence shows a woman walking a dog along a street.

General views follow of trees and a lake followed by a family group walking in fields near a housing estate.

A view of the coast follows with waves splashing on rocks and the shore. General views of Bamburgh Castle (?) and the beach. Waves crash along the shore line. 

A woman on a beach shakes sand out of her clothes before doing a cartwheel.

The film cuts to a fishing village, possibly Seahouses, where men move a fishing coble onto the quayside. Fishing boats unload their catch onto the quayside followed by more general views of the sea.

Alnwick is next and a view of the imposing South Gate and then to views of Alnwick Castle.

Berwick follows on,and an almost deserted main street where a military parade takes place.

The film ends with snow covered streets in Gateshead (?) Lots of snow shown in fields and drifting on roads. Some snow is piled high at the side of the road to clear the way.  This snowfall may have occurred during 1941 or 47 both years had severe winters.