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YFA 2369



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film features a family holiday to the Lake District that includes views of the lakes and surrounding countryside.

The film opens with an animated title - Family Holiday.

The family are gathered on a grassy area near the water's edge where they have a picnic. The filmmaker's little boy is in a small highchair, and the rest of the family sit in a plaid blanket. Some of the family members continue to relax on the blanket while others maker their way across stepping stones on the water. Following this, the ladies pose for a picture at the front of a house while two men pack up fishing gear. There is a brief scene of people on horseback who make their way off down a country road and past a church. Following this are more shots of the family playing in the water on a sunny day. They then visit Chris Reekle, Hand Loom Weaver, and this is followed by a brief scene of the village centre.

A large field is filled with cars, and people are gathered around a makeshift arena, though it is not clear what type of event is taking place. The rest of the film is made up of scenic views of the surrounding countryside including more footage of the family on horseback. The film closes with a shot of the family posing together for the camera.