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YFA 3639



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This film shows the Kurkburton School on their holidays in the Moors. The headmaster of the school is Mr McKenzie who is in charge of the children on the trip. The children see many things on their walks through the Moors like lakes, waterfalls, fields and hills.

The children are gathered together outside waiting to board a coach. Down a river children are paddling along in a boat as other children sit on the riverbank watching. At lunchtime the children stay by the river eating their lunch and feeding the swans. The school children walk along a country lane together with teachers. One boy sits on the side of a rocky hill trying to tie his shoelaces when a teacher comes over to help him. The children sit down on the side of the hill together looking out at the landscapes around them. The children gather together to look at maps as a teacher takes out his compass. At the side of the river a group of boys are diving in and swimming.

Groups of children are sitting by a pond feeding ducks as others are joking around and walking over the stone bridge. Past the stone bridge there is a large waterfall. The children walk together through some woods and then get onto a boat. The children stand together in groups with the teachers by their sides.

The children are gathered at the top of a windy hill. They help each other to climb over another hill and into a field that they cross to reach stone lined fields. The children paddle their feet in the water as others take a boat ride. Standing next to the bridge the children joke with the teachers. At the side of a country road children are picking up flowers as a boy sits down by the wall. Walking through a large field the children come across a stone well and an abandoned house. On the ground is a white box, which contains a moth that has been laid out as a display. A man holds a small bird in his hand that he holds up to look at closely.

Two boys and a teacher stand next to a sign post together looking around deciding which way to go. Other children are sitting down underneath a large rock looking at the countryside before walking down large rocks together. The children walk through some gates and into a sheep field and then past a stream. Next to a stonewall the children sit together talking and then continue on their walk together.

Inside, Mr McKenzie is sitting at a table with a trophy called the Silver Seagull. A boy is awarded it by a woman as they pose outside for photographs. Other boys who have won awards stand together holding up their prizes. The children gather together outside the school.

On the beach two girls are playing badminton together. One of the girls marks out boxes into the sand and hops in and out of them. Some adults are practicing archery together as the children gather on the beach eating ice creams.