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YFA 1231



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This is a film made by Kodak to advertise their new 16mm film stocks. The first advert is for Kodachrome. Manufactured from 1935-2009, Kodachrome was the first successfully mass-marketed colour film beating out its predecessors such as Dufaycolor and Kodacolor. The film includes intertitles which explain the advantages of the new colour stock, and the titles are intercut with brief picturesque and colourful scenes. The second advert is for its duplicate positive black and white processing.

(Advert 1, 1935)
Title - We have pleasure in presenting the latest photographic marvel
Kodak's amazing new every-colour cine film

There is a brief shot of a woman standing on rocks by the sea.

Title - With Kodachrome you can make movies in any light in which a snapshot is possible.

Hill and trees.

Title - You can splice Kodachrome and Black and White film into the same reel and show them together, without even a minor adjustment.

Shots of a fire taken in colour and in black and white.

Title - Kodachrome has no grain, mosaic, or colour fringing - just the clear beauty of colour.

Sea waves crash against the rocks.

Title - With Kodachrome, filters are not needed for the making of the average outdoor shots -
Title - and all 16mm movie cameras taking 50 or 100 foot reels can be used regardless of lens equipment.

Lady on the beach, shot of flowers.

Title - Filters are not needed for projecting Kodachrome - any 16mm projector can be used.

Stained glass windows.

Title - You must have a copy of the Kodachrome leaflet before you go. We have Kodachrome film in stock.

(Advert 2, 1927)
Title - The first subjects that will appeal to you, perhaps are your family

Little girls throw leaves, children are by the water, and kids pose by the house.

Title - Then there's your favourite hobby or sport

A men's American football team is lined up to pose for the camera. They then face off on the 50 yard line. There are also shots of horse-riding, golf, swimming, and hunting.

Title - And when you travel

Shot of busy port, cruise ship deck games, and a man with a camel in front of the Pyramids.

Title - This film is a duplicate positive. Duplicates can be made from any Cine-Kodak original.