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This is an informative film about the procedures carried out with the Kingston upon Hull City Libraries. The film includes information about the different selections of books available, demonstrations on how destroyed books are repaired, and how the general public, prison libraries, and retirement home services benefit from the sources of the library. Titles of books are used as chapter headings to indicate the different topics in the film.

Title - Know your library

A woman turns the pages of a book to reveal the titles.

Title - Know your Library. Know your library the work of the Kingston upon Hull City Libraries. Sponsored by the Kingston upon Hull Public Libraries Committee. Chairman Alderman R.W. Buckle J.P. Chief Librarian and City Information Officer R.F.Drewery D.P.A., F.L.A. 1966. Produced and photographed by P. J. Richardson. Assisted by G.R. Padgett and A.C. Wilby.

A series of different books of different sizes are arranged on the floor. A man carrying books walks down the street and into a library. He is followed by couples and other people. Inside the library, a woman is filling out a ticket. Men and women stand at the bookshelves choosing books to read. A woman looks in the card catalogue for a particular title. A librarian places cards on the insides of books that are being taken out, and two boys talk to a librarian at the inquiries desk. A girl looks through a children's book. Then a man makes notes about a newspaper article he is reading, and another woman inspects a vinyl record. One of the librarians helps a couple look at ordinate survey maps. At a desk, a young man uses an apparatus to work out an equation, and there are many people who behind rows of study desks reading books.

Sign above bookshelf: This Reference Library Francis Reckitt Esquire J.P of Caen Wood Cowers Highgate London
Books are stored in a large wooden bookcase with glass doors. A woman picks up a book title "Yorkshire", the first page reads, "The James Reckitt Public Library, Hull. Open Daily from Eleven a.m. to Nine p.m.
"Presented by Francis Reckitt Esquire J.P. Caen Wood Towers Highgate, London"
In the ticket slip of the book is a stamp dating, "May 26 1911"
(Illustration of James Reckitt)
Title page, "Sir James Reckitt A memoir by Major Desmond Chapman-Huston Desmond Mountjoy

There is an exterior shot of a library, and a couple walk through a wooded park in autumn. People can be seen leaving the library, while inside the library, the librarian places books back on the shelves as people choose new books. A man looks at a variety of books laid out on a table. Members of the public look at the books on the shelves. Cars drive past the library as a woman crosses the road making her way into the building.

Inside the library is a statue of a woman sitting down reading a book on her lap: Literature This stone was laid by Sir James Reckitt Bart JP.DL Chairman of the Public Libraries Committee Kingston upon Hull 21st July 1900.

Cars drive past the front of the library as pedestrians walk on the street.

Stone: Central Library Extension This stone was Laid by Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal on the 12th My 1959

A variety of people walk up the steps to the library entrance into the foyer.

Plaque: City and County of Kingston upon Hull Central Library This central Library Extension was opened by Alderman Lawrence Science Chairman of the public libraries committee on the 28th May 1962. The Lord Mayor Alderman George Frear J.P. Presiding

Men and women walk through the library foyer and up the stairs to the library. Inside the foyer is a sign for what material is held on each floor: Ground Floor - City Information Service, Lending Library, Newsroom Administration, Music Library, and Children's Library. First Floor - Library of Science Technology & Commerce, Local History Library. Second Floor - Reference Library, Medical Library).

A man, wearing a grey suit and glasses, works in an office where he answers the phone and sorts the files in his cabinet.

A book on the table: Library Administration

A woman unpacks cardboard boxes filled with different varieties of books. The woman stamps an order form and places the books on a shelf in the store room. She places some of the books on her desk, taking each one and putting different stamps on some of the pages. Two women place the stamped books onto a cart and roll it out of the store room to another room. A woman takes the books and writes out a ticket for each one. She writes in the stamp of each book then types up the information on a type writer. People bring their returning books to the counter, and the librarians check their tickets. A woman fills out a Reader's Ticket.

Sign on top of the card index draws: How to use the Catalogue

Librarians sort through the returned books, place them in order, and wheeled away on the carts to be placed back on the shelves. Members of the public, including a nun, look at the books on the shelves.

Books on the shelf: The Keys of the Kingdom, Parents' Collection, Photo-Charging

People queue up in order to check their books out of the library. A woman loads up a machine with cards to be sorted.

Book: A test to destruction

A book is on the table that has a drawing on a torn page. Another book has been damaged by water, and yet another ripped and scrunched up. Some other damage includes a coffee mug ring stain on the page and a cigarette which had been left on the pages of a book causing it to set on fire.

Book: Library Binderies

Books on the table have no covers or covers that are badly damaged. Women sit at a desk taking damaged books apart. At a machine, the pieces of the books are put in to be reattached. Once the pages of the books are reattached and trimmed to size, a cover is made by cutting out templates of fabric that are glued to hard cardboard.

A variety of vinyl covers are placed on the table: Princess Ida, Julian Bream, BBC Scrap Book 1945, Sound Effects Sampler and a Linguaphone French Course.

A couple enters the music library, looks up the vinyl in the card index, and takes out the vinyl from the librarian at the desk.

Signs: Opera, Sacred Music, Miniature Scores, Organ music, instrumental music

A woman takes a book of the shelf which contains sheet music for The Bachelor Mouse.

Book: Libraries for Children

A group of children look at books together on a table next to the books shelves.

Sign decorated with pictures: A story hour will be held here next Thursday at 6 o'clock. All young children are invited to come.

A group of children gather around a librarian, listening to her read a story. Another librarian stands behind the desk next to a sign.

Sign: Do your friends belong the library? If not please take them a form and tell them about it (Any child over 7 years may join)).

A boy takes a form and checks his books out at the counter. A woman asks the librarian at the desk for help. She takes a seat at one of the study desks while the librarian looks through the card index and brings the woman the book she needs. Lots of people are seated at the rows of study desks, making notes, and working out problems.

Book: Medical Librarianship
Sign on the door: Medical Library

A man sits at a desk studying.

Book: Local History and the Library

A man works at a desk next to wooden book shelves with glass cabinet doors. A display is arranged inside a glass cabinet with paintings and books relating to a sailing theme. There is also another display on the workings of Andrew Marvell. A variety of old maps are laid out, and a woman sits at a desk looking through a variety of books.

Books: William Wilberforce, Anti-slavery, Worthy and Independent Electors Borough of Hull, From Slaves to Freedom, Slave Mutiny, and A Girl called Moses

A woman points to the table display (Sea Captain, Water Witckes, and Wizard of the Cave) and holds up an open book followed by a rolled up piece of parchment.

Journals: Commercial and technical libraries
A woman walks through the door with the sign: Library of science, technology & commerce

People sit at study desks reading as a boy asks a librarian for help at the desk. Groups of people study together at a larger desk.

Books: Aircraft Engineering, Inland Printer, Paint Technology, Science journal, The Builder, Pottery Gazette, Bottler & Packer, atomic energy review, Auto car

A man sits at a desk and rings in numbers on a machine which he then types on a typewriter. A room is filled with books filled with newspapers including the Yorkshire Gazette July-December 1937, Jan-Dec 1904, 1875.

Sign on door: Micro-Filming Unit
A series of letters are laid out on a piece of black paper: The Eastern Morning news Hull January 26th 1864

A man lowers a machine on top of an open book.

Sign: Recordak Micro-file camera commercial model MRD2E

The man then raises the machine up above the book and twists the dials to reach 250. He then stands on a button on the floor. A man places film into a machine (Recordak Industrial Reader for use only with safety film Kodak).

Book: Information Service in Libraries

Three women sit behind a long desk with partition walls. A woman standing in a home picks up the telephone and makes a call to one of the librarians at the desk in the library. The librarian finds the information, and the woman writes it down. The woman stands on the docks waving to a sailor on a boat (Rotterdam). The sailor walks down the jetty with a suit case and kisses the woman on the dock before they walk away. A librarian helps a couple look at maps.

Book: Prison Libraries
Sign: Hull Central Library - Prison Library

A van pulls into the gates of the prison. A man walks into the library to look at the books as a guard sits at the desk. The man checks out his books with the guard at the desk including the titles, Find the Innocent, The Underground Story, and Home Gardeners Year. Inside a retirement home, men and women are sitting in a living room where they read books from the shelves. There are exterior shots of Hull's city sights. Two men sit together at a desk looking over books and plans on a wall chart.

Sign: The library can open new worlds for you
Display with a picture of a globe and the central library in the middle.
The woman opens the book to one page: The End. A P.J.R. Production