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YFA 4564



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This is a promotional film made by Mottershaw Commercial Films, Sheffield, for Dormer Tools of Sheffield. The film showcases the different kinds of twist drills produced by Dormer and their many uses.

Dormer Tools (Sheffield) Present

Know the Drill

The film opens showing a parachutist before a narrator comes in and the film switches to a factory making twist drills. The narrator explains the uses of twist drills as many examples of twist drills are shown at work. Dormer's Napier steel subsidiary is shown, where the steel comes from. Here the steel is shown being made. A sample is analysed before being used for forging. It is tested ultra-sonically, and diagrams show the various parts of the drill with an explanation of the different functions. There are sixty operations in the making of a drill. Some example of taper shank drills are shown being made. Each stage of the process is explained, from furnace to grinding. Women are shown working on the points. The finished drills are packed with a handbook. It also shows how to use the drills. A machine re-grinds the drills. The outside of the Dormer factory is shown, as well as rows of boxes of drills in the large warehouse. The narrator informs viewers that Dormer drills are available in 120 countries. Some examples of different kinds of drill in use are shown such as the side panels of buses, typewriter carriages, machine tool castings, engine crankshafts and the titanium components for Concorde, shown taking off. The film finishes returning to the parachutist landing.

Credits are given for all the companies that have helped in the making of the film.
Directed by Anthony Trafford
Produced by Mottershaw Commercial Films, Sheffield