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YFA 4611



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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and shows the working life of a Lister's Knitting Adviser. The film contains footage of the woman in her office, helping customers in various wool shops and demonstrating how to knit.

Title-Lister Presents

Title-Knitting Pretty

In Lavenda

Title-A Knitting Adviser showing how

Title-to choose and to use knitting wools

Title-With commentary spoken by Marjorie Westbury.

Title-The producers acknowledge with thanks facilities provided by

Messrs John Mollett Ltd

Messrs Brown Muff & Co. Ltd

Messrs Busby's (Bradford) Ltd.

Title-Filmed in Kodachrome Natural colour

Title-Sound recording at United Motion Pictures Studios, London.

Title-Directed for Messrs. Lister & Co. Ltd by E.Milton Stoney

Title-Produced and photographed by C.H. Wood

The film opens in an office full of women who are knitting at their desks; one of the women goes over to another woman to show her the item that she is knitting. They are all wearing work smocks.

Outside on the wall is a sign which reads `Lister & Co. (Knitting Wools) Limited. Registered Office.

A woman walks into the building and up to the security guard who hands her post. She continues on up the stairs and into the Knitwear Department where she takes a seat at her desk and puts her handbag in her drawer. Behind her some of the women are ironing garments and all around are items relating to knitting.

The voiceover of the woman says that she is Patricia Scott and she is one of Lister's Knitting Advisers. She says that she spends most of her time in different knitting stores and shops advising customers on the best wool, technique and patterns to use. There is a shot of her putting knitting needles and wool into a bag and the voiceover says that she is on her way to a store.

The scene changes and Patricia is sitting at a table, in a wool store, knitting. Over at the counter a customer is trying to decide on a pattern so Patricia goes over to help her. She brings over a sample of different types and colours of wool and lets the customer browse through them. Patricia says that she can often help the customer as she can imagine what the finished garment will look like on them and can advise accordingly. The shot of the customer fades and is replaced by a shot of her wearing the finished garment. The voiceover says that there are many Lavenda wools for all your needs and they have been tested thoroughly to make sure that they are correct for their purpose.

There is a sequence of shots showing the process that the wool goes through to become wool. There are also shots of the laboratory technicians carrying out tests on the wool. A man pulls on the fibres to see how far they stretch and a woman looks at fibres through a microscope. The voiceover describes several types of wool as well as showing models wearing garments made from that particular wool. The wools mentioned are Botany and Crossbred. There are scenarios with models playing golf, cricket, young boys playing, a man climbing and a young toddler, all wearing woollen garments.

The voiceover says that it is also very important to choose the correct ply in wool. There are close up shots of machines twisting two, three and four ply threads into wool. Then there are diagrams showing how many balls of wool you will need to make a three and four ply jacket.

In the following section Patricia is back at the wool counter and is helping another customer to choose wool; she shows her wool and well as finished garments. She also shows the customer baby jackets made from Lavenda Baby Wool.

Patricia gives advice on the best way to wind the wool once you have bought it, the best needles to use and how to hold the needles while you knit. Then she illustrates how to measure your knitting so that you are knitting the correct amount of stitches. She also demonstrates how to cast on, cast off, and make up the finished sections of the garment. There is a long sequence demonstrating how to sew the finished pieces together and how to sew socks.

The section goes on to show other types of knitting stitches and then how to wash and dry your woollen garments. The final section is a re-cap of the various types of wool garments being worn by people.

Title-Spun and Dyed at Lister & Co. (Knitting Wools) Limited, Bradford, England.

Title-The end C.H. Wood, Bradford.