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YFA 1059



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This film presents a portrait of Knaresborough, contrasting the summer and winter.  The film is accompanied by a commentary on the attractions of Knaresborough its surroundings.

The film begins looking down onto the town, the bridge and the boats on the river.  Pedestrians and traffic pass along the main road through the town.  There are shops on this road.  The camera then homes in on the House in the Rock and the Mother Shipton Inn and Cave. From there, the filmmaker captures scenic views down onto the river and the surrounding countryside.  The castle ruins are featured, and there are also people sitting in deck chairs in the sun at the public gardens.  Children are playing around an outdoor swimming baths. 

Back in the town centre people are walking around the shops, near the bakers, ‘Christine’s’.  The centre is full of parked cars, near the crowded outdoor market. There is another view down onto the river.  Other parts of the town are also shown before moving onto the railway station and the building overlooking the river.  Then it is onto St John's Church, showing the old clock close-up.

The film switches to winter, showing the surrounding countryside covered in snow.  Two people are out riding horses in the distance.  A young woman is out walking in one of the fields in the snow, and she then poses for the camera close-up, and we are suddenly in the same field in summer, and she skips and runs across a meadow.  She removes her glasses to gaze at the scenery.  She strokes a horse, while in the distance a farmer is harvesting in a field.  There is the nearby village of Scotton, with a public phone box, and the village green and school.  Road signs for nearby towns can also be seen. 

Many cars are parked near a river with picnickers.  People are swimming in the river on a sunny day.  Looking down onto some houses next to the river, there is a bridge which crosses the river.  There are also many people out in boats at Knaresborough.  People look down from the bridge at the boats beneath going along the river.  Further along, day trippers have their picnics next to the river the River Warden who sits in his boat.   People are out in boats on the river as we listen to ‘Messing around in the river’, sung by Josh Macrae, and the film comes to an end.

Title - Knaresborough.  The End.  A Gerryscope Film.