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This whimsical stop-motion animation by Wakefield couple Doug and Norah Brear wonderfully shows off the inventiveness of many amateur filmmakers in the 1960s.  It was the days when milk was delivered to everyone’s front door, as well as given to all school children, and beer was considered to be “good for you”; and so, what could be more healthy than the marriage of the two?

Title – Chaseley Films present
Title – Kitchen Kaper

A woman steps out of her front door to pick up the milk, which she puts into the fridge.  Also in the fridge is a bottle of Tetley bitter which has an animated face.  It begins to froth when it sees the milk bottle, which also has an animated face.  Meanwhile, the woman reads the instructions for defrosting the fridge.  She takes all the items out of the fridge and places them on a table top.  The beer bottle and the milk bottle make eyes at each other.  The beer moves off, followed by the milk, and they cosy up to each other.  The beer froths again and turns around, in a suggestive manner.  The milk shakes her head, no, and moves off.  The milk then returns and knocks the beer into the sink which is filled with water.  The beer re-emerges and they dance around each other.  The milk goes off and returns with a placard declaring, “Drinka pinta milka day.”  The beer then goes off and returns with its own placard, declaring, “Beer is best.”  The two have another courting routine, the beer winks to the camera and they go off.  On their return they are accompanied by a small bottle of ‘M & B Milk Stout.’

Title – The End