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YFA 37



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This is a film of Sir Fred Moore and his family at Mowbray Hall.  Events which take place at the Hall include a fete and traditional dancing.  The film also includes scenes of the village of Kirkby Malzeard complete with traditional sword dancing.

The film opens with skaters on the pond at the bottom of Mowbray Park, including Sir Fred Moore.
Title: ‘Kirkby Malzeard 1930’ 

The grounds at Mowbray Hall, the trees, river, hut and bird feeders are covered in snow.  A pack of beagles at Kirkby Malzeard Market Cross are led off down the Ripon Road and the village's main street.  They are followed by a group of people.  Children are out playing in the snow and tobogganing.

Later in the summer, there are dogs in the Mowbray House Gardens at the bottom of the Church Bank, and gardeners are at work in the front rose garden.  A woman passes through pushing a pram.  A woman comes out of a house, outside Mowbray Gate Lodge by the Old Mill, and a man walks some dogs down a country lane.  Another woman walks past pushing a pram, followed by a car.  The car pulls up, and Sir Fred Moore gets out.  Back in the Mowbray House Gardens a girl is skipping.

A couple of dogs are 'ratting' in some woods, forcing foxes away from their holes.  A couple walk past carrying fishing gear, and the dogs play in the ford at Church Bank.  Sir Fred Moore is out with an artist who is painting in the woods.  Practicing their golf, a woman and a girl putt on the front lawn.  There is a fete with people playing tennis, and women dance in couples on the lawn at Mowbray as well as Sir Fred Moore who dances with a young girl. 

A girl is with some dogs by a church door.  The vicar leaves through the door, and a woman enters carrying a bushel for the Harvest Festival celebrations.  Two small children are in front of a large house.  This scene is followed by two women greeting a delivery man at Miss Buckle's Shop in the Market Cross.  There is also a man who fixes a street lamp in front of the 'Shoulder of Mutton.'  Some small children play with hula-hoops.   A group of men, led by Sir Fred Moore and the gamekeeper (possibly Mr Waite's grandfather), go hunting with their guns.

The next scene features workmen constructing a waterway and a farmer who guides his sheep over a bridge (possibly Long Swale's Bridge).  A couple of dogs romp about in a wood, and ducks swim in formation in a pond (possibly in Lady Moore's formal garden.)

Intertitle:  '1932 House Mowbray’ 

Ladies wander around the stalls at the garden fete.  

Intertitle:  'Azerley Chase July 1932'. 

A group of girls perform some traditional country dances on the lawn of the garden.  They are followed by some older girls and adults dancing.

Intertitle:  'Kirby Malzeard Traditional Sword Dancers'

The sword dancers perform in front of a people who are sitting around the lawn.  Then some girls play with a dog, and in the Mowbray grounds, they play in the hay.  A car departs from the front of the house.

In the final portion of the film, there is an old sailing boat in the harbour at Salcombe.  Children play in the garden of a holiday house, and a car departs with people waving though the open top.  Back at Mowbray, a woman walks across the garden with a red setter, with Sir Fred Moore and others at the house.  The film closes with a woman walking a dog at Brimham Rocks.