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YFA 32



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This is an amateur film which shows various aspects of life around the village of Kirkby Malzeard. The film was made by Sir Fred Moore at the time of the Royal Silver Jubilee.

The film opens with a hunt gathering in Masham Square. There are many hounds and some of the men are on horseback. There are also some children gathered nearby.

A group of children are lined up on the steps at a memorial in the centre of town, and there is a newspaper clipping about the celebrations of the King's Silver Jubilee.

In the next scene, a number of children gather firewood for the bonfire on Castle Hill. They gather a huge amount of branches and build them into a massive heap. Everyone chips in to build the bonfire.

Title - May 6th 1935 Mowbray House.

Men work to build a marquee on the lawns of Mowbray House. The poles are first erected, and the tent soon follows. On the side of the tent is a sign for 'Ripon Horticultural Society.' This is followed by a local fete and children's games. A crowd has gathered to watch the races, and there are shots of people enjoying the fete. There are a few people who set of Chinese lanterns as well.

Title - Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance

The next item features the Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dancers who perform this traditional dance for the crowds. A man reads out a brief speech before the dance to introduce the performers.

Title - Kirkby Malzeard Cricket

There is a cricket match taking place, and people have gathered at different places on the surrounding small hills to watch the game. Some of them pose for the camera.

Title - School Fete at Calphay Manor

Children are in costume and go onto perform a play. Some of the children are dressed as fairies, and many of them dance around. This performance is followed by a Maypole dance. There are shots of the audience who has gathered to watch the children. Many of them smile for the camera. The film ends with more footage of the performance.