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YFA 2962



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As with Stephenson's other films, many examples of farming combined with Kiplingcotes races and brief footage of a county show. The footage was taken at Arras Farm, Market Weighton.

The film opens with a red MH 780 combine harvester in a cornfield followed by a view of the white horse. An aeroplane flies over a field and two parachutists land

At a sheep sale, many farmers gather round a pen of sheep. Angus cows are in a field. (There is very dark footage of what looks like sheep.)

Many cars parked in a field. An aeroplane flies above then lands behind some buildings. Another plane flies over a field, many people with parachutes jump out of the plane and land in a field.

A lake in Ambleside, and there are many boats on the lake. Many elderly people walk by the side of a lake then towards a bus. A horned sheep stands in a field. A man stands holding a heltered Hereford bull. A herd of Hereford cows walk in a field, they pass a large farmhouse. A woman feeds a Jersey cow from a bucket.

The county show, and there are shire horses and a Friesian cow with two rosettes on its head. A young girl is on horseback, and there is part of a fancy dress competition dressed where a girl is dressed as a hula girl in a grass skirt. This is followed by brief scenes of show jumping.

At the farmhouse, hen huts are out front and numerous farm buildings are to the side. A herd of Herefords stand in the field, and there is poultry in small wooden huts and arks, 'Light Sussex Hens'. Suffolk sheep in a field are feeding from troughs.

Black and white: Sheep at a show being inspected and judged. A man with a Texel stands amongst show stands. One sign above a stand reads 'J Godfrey & Co Ltd, Stamford'.

Upsidedown Colour: Sheep in a field (approx 10 secs).

Correct colour: There is a golden ripe barley crop followed by Kiplingcotes Races. Jockeys are weighed. A crowd gathers under the winning post. Horses are unloaded on the side of the road, many women and children in long thick coats spectate. Five jockeys on horses trot down the road followed by a car then a few spectators. The horses gallop back, and people applaud. A man stands on the top of a car with a film camera on a tripod, filming the races.

An aeroplane stands alone in a field. The jockeys are weighed under the Kiplingcotes winning post. End.