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YFA 5605



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This is one of seven short films showing the Kiplingcotes races in East Riding in the 1950s filmed by Norman Stephenson who lived at Arras Farm.  The film documents the race from a position near to the finishing line.

The film begins on Kiplingcotes Lane, still with some snow on the ground, where a female rider gives her saddle to a man before being weighted near the Kiplingcotes Winning Post.  Behind are a row of parked cars, including a trailer with a large bottle of Bass Pale Ale.  More riders are weighed.  A female rider stands next to her white horse.  The riders, including one teenage boy, make their way trotting along the lane to the start of the race.  Men stand near the winning post in their long overcoats, and women in their headscarves as the riders cross the line.