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YFA 5603



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This is one of seven short films showing the Kiplingcotes races in East Riding in the 1950s filmed by Norman Stephenson who lived at Arras Farm.  The film documents the race from a position near to the finishing line.

The film opens with riders and spectators gathered around the Kiplingcotes Winning Post on Kiplingcotes Lane, in hailing rain.  Three women pose by the parked cars.  A light aeroplane is parked in a nearby field.  Spectators mill around, many with cameras.  Horses are led along the Lane, including two female riders.  A man with a goatee beard is speaking into a microphone.  There are several spectators filming the event.  The riders trot of down the Lane to the starting position.  They are then seen crossing the finishing post at the end of the race.  The riders are weighed at finishing post with their gear.  The man with a goatee beard interviews one of the female riders, and the film ends.