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YFA 2959



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The main focus of the film is a young farmer's county rally with various competitions and demonstrations. Additionally it contains a few brief shots of Kiplingcotes Races and bulls at an auction mart. The film was shot in and around Market Weighton.

Men and women gather round people sitting on racehorses. The jockeys ride the horses up and down a road. On the roadside many cars and trailers parked up.

Mixed breeds of bulls are in a pen at market. They are taken through in twos into another pen where the auctioneer awaits.

A sign on the side of the road reads 'YFC County Rally'. Another larger sign reads 'Site for 15th Annual County Rally Saturday 6th June 1959'.

There is a sheep shearing competition which takes place, and contestants use electric sheers. A large crowd watch as girls in tennis clothes parade round, each holding a ticket with a number on for the judges. Tractors and a chemical stand with a scarecrow out front demonstrating what protective clothing should be worn.

A sign reads 'tractor handling'. Different people take it in turns to manoeuvre a tractor and trailer. A sign reads 'assembling and dismantling a milking machine'. Another sign 'scarecrow making' with a scarecrow next to it. Various different scarecrows lined up.

There is a shot of a very large stately house followed by another brief shot of Kiplingcotes Races. A young boy stands in a garden amongst daffodils and puppies. A B250 loading sacks. Two men lead two Longwool ewes. End.