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YFA 3842



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This is one of nine short films showing the Kiplingcotes races in East Riding in the 1950s filmed by Norman Stephenson, who lived at Arras Farm, near to the finishing line.

The film opens with riders and spectators gathered around the signpost which bears the legend, “Kiplingcotes Winning Post J R R 1927”, on Kiplingcotes Lane, with a female rider in the centre.  A white horse stands next to a horse box parked on the Lane next to a row of cars, a scooter and people milling around.  The female jockey holds the white horse while a male rider gets onto a brown horse.  The riders trot of down the Lane to the starting position.  They are then seen crossing the finishing post at the end of the race.  A man stands on top of a car with a camera fixed to a tripod in order to film the event.   An aeroplane is parked in a nearby field. The riders are weighed at finishing post with their gear.  The film ends as another rider passes the finishing post.