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This film features a Commemoration for the members of the police force who lost their lives fighting in World War Two.

Title-Kingston-Upon Hull Peace Day Celebrations 8th June 1946. Presentation of the Freedom of the City to the East Yorkshire Regiment.

Title-Commentator-Councillor W. M. McNicol, Filmed by-Debenham & Co. Beverley, Yorks, Sound Recording by Imperial Sound Studios.

Title-Victory Celebration Committee: Councillor W.M. McNicol (Chairman), Alderman A. Stark, O.B.E. (Deputy Chairman), Alderman J.G. Hewett, J.P., Councillor H. Fairbotham, J.P., Councillor J.D.L. Nicholson, Councillor K. Percival, Councillor G. Russell, The Lord Mayor (Councillor Herbert Harrison-ex-office).

The opening shot is of a large, golden chest with decorations on top. Then there is a shot of a scroll being held by a pair of hands and the voice over says that this is the freedom of the city which is being offered to the East Yorkshire Regiment.

There are shots of guests, the Mayor and civic dignitaries walking up to a stage and being seated on it. The voice over describes the various people and then says that the freedom of the city is to be handed over. The Clark takes a scroll out of a very ornate casket and reads the official document. The voice over says that the regiment have had this honour for some time but due to the war, they are only now having the official ceremony.

There are shots of soldiers from the regiment standing to attention and listening to one of the senior officers making a speech. Then the guard of honour lines up with the flag and the Mayor and some senior officers inspect it. The voice over talks about the achievements of the regiment and the honours that they have received.

The cadets, the members of the regiment, retired members and the marching band form a large parade and march through Hull. There are large crowds of local people watching the parade and there are many shots taken from different angles and of people up in buildings and along the road. The voice over says that they must remember the members of the regiment who are no longer with them and that had they been there, they would have marched like the rest of them.

Title-The End.