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YFA 2776



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This film documents Hull's celebrations for the Queen's Coronation. It includes clear, well-shot views of the parades, the city's buildings decorated with Union Jack bunting, and the large crowds that have come out, all capturing the spirit of the day. It was shot by a local film company, and the film shows many different views of Hull throughout the day. The celebrations go on well into the night finishing with a fireworks event.

Title-Kingston-Upon Hull Lord Mayor's Sunday Church Parade 24th May 1953

The film opens with groups of nurses, police women, officials in academic robes and men in a variety of army uniforms coming out of a building. Lastly the Mayor and his officials, carrying the official items, come out of the building flanked by police officers.

In the next scene a main street is lined with people watching the parade as it makes its way in the direction of the camera. Nurses, girl guides, boys scouts, men and women wearing official chains, the police marching band, firemen, academics, army personnel and finally the Mayor all march in the parade.

There is another shot of this large parade, but it is taken from a different angle and it includes a priest this time. The Mayor and his officials stand on a set of steps and pose for the camera.

Title-Coronation Sunday Church Parade 31st May 1953.

There are more shots of the large parade marching along a street.

Title-Kingston-Upon Hull Coronation Celebrations 2ND June 1953.

There are shots of different parts of Kingston-Upon Hull including a huge telephone on the street, a park full of flowers, Paragon Station, and the Hull Daily Mail building. They are all decorated with coronation banners and flags.

In the next scene a group of children in fancy dress costumes line up outside a building and pose for the camera. There is also a group of adults who are also dressed up and gather together and smile for the camera. The two big groups gather together into a very large group and pose for the camera. Following this is a shot of a large group of the children being organised into groups in a park.

There are fireworks being let up into the air and some bangers being lit on stands nearer the ground; the final firework lights up into the face of Queen Elizabeth.