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YFA 3361



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This film captures the activities of Kindergarten children at a school in Castleford, West Yorkshire.  It includes scenes of the children on the playground as well as inside the classroom during arts and crafts time.   

The film opens with the following titles:
EB Productions Presents
            Colour by Kodachrome 

At the school, some of the children are in the playground running around together.  A few are on rocking horses, and other children play in the sandbox.  Inside the classroom, the young children participate in various activities including playing with building blocks, making clay models, and painting.   

The children have a milk break, and two girls are drink milk from small milk bottles.  Some of the children smile for the camera, and a few boys put a puzzle together.  Another art lesson follows, and many of the children stand at small easels to paint.   

At 10:35 it is time for recess, and the children are let outside to play.  Most are running around the playground, and a few play up for the camera.  While most of the boys are running around, a group of girls play Ring-Around-The-Rosie. 

At the end of the day, the children help to clean up their art supplies.  A few children stand around a wash basin and hang out their newly washed towels to dry.  Some of the children who are already finished can be seen having fun on a climbing frame.  The film closes with all the children waving to the camera. 

Title: 'The End'