Film ID:
NEFA 14505



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An amateur film made of a visit to Newcastle and Northumberland by a delegation from Czechoslovakia. The film records their visits to schools and colleges, an opencast mine and power station, the new town of Killingworth, and to the construction sites for Newcastle Civic Centre and the Tyne Tunnel. They also visit a number of tourist attractions including the Farne Islands.

The film opens with the arrival of the delegation by airplane at Newcastle Airport. They are greeted by a number of local representatives before being taken by car to Newcastle University Campus on Kings Road and given a tour of the facilities. The group are then taken to the Wallbottle Campus Technical College where they take part in a presentation by students. The group is then given a tour of the college including a music class where they are sung to by a choir. The group then moves on to to see the college’s sports facilities where displays of weight lifting, trampolining and gymnastics are put on.

The group then move to the Laing Art Gallery where a presentation of Czech Moser glass is made. A woman in a red coat with a fur collar presents this event. One of the male Czech delegates is wearing a large gold medallion with a red, white and blue sash.

The group is then seen arriving at a stately home or college. The group are taken into a hall where a party of men are giving a gymnastic display. The group are then seen arriving at a quarry to see an open cast mine before moving onto a power station (possibly Blyth) for a tour of the control room and turbines. The group are then taken to a fire station where they are introduced to a number of firemen in uniform. The group is then seen touring another college where students work with chemicals and typing.

General views of the beach at Cullercoats including the University of Newcastle's Dove Marine Laboratory and also a view of a church and spire. In a local pub the group enjoy a drink and chat.

The group visit a building site where they are greeted by a number of local dignitaries. They pose for photographs. The group are seen going down an escalator. Wearing hard hat the group visit a building site, possibly of the new Tyne Tunnel. A high-angle shot of a crane lowers sheets of metal down a large circular shaft. The group stand near to a tunnel entrance.

Various member of the group signs a visitors book. A man in civic chains shakes the hand of the man wearing the gold medallion and presents him with a presentation box.

The group enter a building with a sign outside reading “Killingworth Township”. Inside they are seen chatting and looking at a large model of the town. General views of the group being shown around a modern housing estate. They pass through the front gates of the “Wilkinson Swords” factory. The group then visit another modern housing estate and look around an empty property. At another house, possibly at Whitley Bay, they are introduced to the family who live at the property.

The group enjoy a lavish dinner in a large hall where a representative is presented with a small golden Davey lamp.

The delegation walk into the “Nicholas Garrow House for Blind Persons” at Hepscott Manor.

General view of Alnwick Castle where the delegation are given a tour by a woman in a bright dress. They shake hands and climb onto a bus parked in a street.

The group walk along the pier at Seahouses. General views of them aboard a small boat heading towards the Farne Islands. People on the quay side wave as the boat out to sea. A bi-plane flies overhead.

General views of the seals in the sea and bird life on the cliffs seen from the boat approaching the Farne Islands.

General views of the group walking around the exterior of Bamburgh Castle. Inside a large room a man stands at a table holding a large document book. Behind him on the wall hang a Union Jack and Czechoslovakian flag. Two men sign two large documents in front of a large audience. The film ends with each man passing the other their signed copy of the document.