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YFA 3216



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This is a narrative film made by serving police officers at Hull City Police Station which highlights the dangers of the roads. It explains how all people who drive should learn to drive safely in order to prevent accidents which in danger others as well as themselves.

Title-Featuring Geoffrey Cullington and Eleanor Stark.

Title-Adapted from a story by Walter Abrahams.

Title-Directed by Hannchen M. Drasdo.

Under the titles is a busy road scene with lots of cars and trucks; a traffic policeman directs the traffic.

Title-Cast chosen from the Drasdo Repertory Company to whom the Road Safety (Special) Committee extend their grateful thanks.

Title-Photography by Detective Sergeant W. Jacketts, Kingston-Upon Hull City Police assisted by Mr Ernest Halliday.

Title-Road Safety shots carried out under the direction of Inspector T. Middleyard Road Safety officer Kingston-Upon Hull City Police.

Title-Special Committee Chairman Councillor J.S Wilson, J.P. wish to extend their thanks to all who have taken part in this production.

The film opens at a house, a young boy writes the name of the house on a board in front of the gate. Inside a young man comes down the stairs and makes a phone call. The voice over says that this man is young, energetic and making plans.

The scene cuts to a car garage where the owner answers the phone to the young man to tell him that the car he has purchased is ready except for the breaks, which still need to be checked.

The man's friend arrives at the house to collect them for a meeting in the factory where they work, as the voice over says that there is to be a road safety presentation. The car drives off and arrives outside the factory where the driver pulls the car into the side of the road in front of a group of cyclists. Then the driver opens his door without looking and knocks several of the cyclists onto the road. The other young man doesn't notice and runs into the building. He arrives into the hall where a road safety officer presents the young man's girlfriend, Irene, with the title of Road Safety Queen.

Mr Coral, the road safety officer, makes a speech and talks about how he lost an arm in an accident; the next scene is a flash back to the day it happened. Mr Coral won a snooker tournament and had a few drinks, so when he was walking home with his friend he walked too near to the edge of the road and was knocked down by a truck. Mr Coral tells the audience that there is a big difference between being happy and being intoxicated. Then he announces that Keith, the young man, and Irene are engaged.

Title-Later the Same Day.

Keith, Irene and some friends play golf and then go for a drink. Another friend has more than one drink and then drives home on his motor bike. He speeds out onto the road and almost crashes into an oncoming car. Keith and Irene stop at a garage where they pick up the new car and drive it out of the garage. The voice over says that Keith made all of the awful driving mistakes and was very dangerous.

They crash into a post box and the fire brigade is called. Keith is taken to hospital while Irene, not badly injured, cries and tries to go with him.

In the following scene Irene is going back to work after some time off; she walks into the factory with her friend and they both see Keith's death notice on the notice board. Irene gets upset and the voice over says that she can't get over the terrible accident and is always tired as a result.

The scene immediately cuts back to when Irene was in the car waiting on Keith and the audience realises that she had a dream. She throws the keys away and walks off; the voice over says that Keith will have to make a choice. He goes after Irene and they walk away together.

Title-The End.