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NEFA 21395



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Compilation of amateur film shot between 1934 and 1939. Footage includes club and family outings to Keswick in the Lake District, Warkworth in Northumberland, the Blackpool Illuminations, the Braemar Gathering and Highland Games and other locations in Scotland. James Cameron Senior, one of the original founder members and Secretary of Newcastle & District ACA, appears in some sequences. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

The film opens with a portrait shot of James Cameron Senior speaking to camera.

General view of three people playing golf in Keswick.

A delivery boy on a bike with a front basket rides past. A few cars are parked roadside in the forecourt of a garden.

General view of mountains around Keswick and Derwentwater.

Some members of Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) have stopped roadside in their cars. Three women members are chatting at a car window.

General view of a river flowing through a wooded valley.

Two of the Newcastle ACA women share a joke and laugh hysterically. Some of the group are petting a puppy at their car.

A man in a flat cap poses with his many dogs in a field. Group portrait of seven Newcastle ACA members, men and women, posing at the wooden gate to the field. An ACA member prepares to film the man playing with his dogs.

Four of the Newcastle ACA members are seated in a conservatory. One of the women, dressed in a fur-collared coat, dances around jokily in front of the camera whilst smoking a cigarette, her friends enjoying the show in the background. She then curtsies.

General view of boats and punts moored beside Derwentwater. The Newcastle ACA group and other tourists are gathered on a bank beside the lake. Next, they have boarded a pleasure boat and set off on a cruise on Derwentwater. Travelling shots from the boat are intercut with Newcastle ACA members on board. The boat comes into moor at a landing stage. One of the men is filming with a cine camera.

General view of Lodore Falls at the Grange end of Derwentwater.

Travelling shot from a boat. People disembark from the boat.

Title: ACA Outing to Warkworth July 1934

During a Newcastle & District ACA trip to Warkworth, Northumberland, some of the members are gathered in the sand dunes at the coast. A stripy changing tent has been erected, a pram with a toddler parked beside it. They all enjoy a picnic in the dunes. Shot of the baby laying happily on a blanket. Portrait shot of mother holding the baby. Portrait shot of an elderly Newcastle ACA member in a flat cap and suit, smoking a pipe. Two of the women, now in one-piece swimsuits, hold the baby, playing with its toes. Another woman hops out of the changing tent, having changed into a swimsuit. More of the women emerge from the tent in their swimsuits. Three of the men, still in day clothes, stand watching, one of the men filming with a cine camera.

The Newcastle ACA men and women play ball games on the beach, some of the men also in one-piece swimsuits now. One of the men blows up an inflatable shark. The group then paddle and swim and joke around in the sea.

Back in the sand dunes, the men and women dry off with a towel. James Cameron Senior, now in a beach robe, wrings out his wet swimsuit.

Some of the Newcastle ACA members get into rowing boats on the lake beside Warkworth Castle. General view of the castle and lake. Portrait shot of two of the women in a boat. Other ACA members row past in another boat, including James Cameron Senior.

[Colour footage]

Footage of the autumn Blackpool illuminations. The illuminations at night include a palace, windmill, a sailing boat, tram festooned with fairy lights, a Venetian gondola, a tram with the word Progress lit up, a horse-drawn carriage, and other tableau.

A family of women with a toddler stroll past in a public park, probably in Braemar, Scotland. A group of men in kilts are gathered next to a small stage in the middle of a field, probably for the Braemar Gathering and Highland Games.

General view of the Green Shutter Tea Rooms in Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland. An elegantly dressed young woman poses at the door to the tearooms, shading her eyes against the sun and smiling to camera. She goes inside.

General view of houses with mountains in the background. Low angle shot of James Cameron Senior standing outside the Marine Hotel.