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YFA 64



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a tour he and his wife Grace made of the Amboseli Wild Life Reserve in Kenya.

Title - En route to Amboseli from Nairobi

The film begins showing the route they will take marked on a map. They drive along a dirt road in a VW van, passing giraffes. Three Kenyan men face the camera, wearing orange and red robes draped around them, with white shells threaded to form necklaces, painted faces and holding spears. A Kenyan woman and young boy stand sideways, looking towards the camera. There is a sign which reads, 'Warning - danger - visitors enter this reserve entirely at their own risk. Exercise care - keep a safe distance from dangerous animals.' There are more giraffes eating from the trees.

Intertitle - 'Amboseli Reserve, in the Masai country, is at the foot of Africa's highest mountain - Kilimanjaro (19,340 ft)'.

The mountain is seen in the distance, with a colourful skyline at sunset.

Intertitle - '6am excursion'

Grace comes out of a small hut and walks across the village. There is an elephant near trees, silhouetted in the early morning light. There is more wildlife: giraffes, spring bucks, baby elephants, zebra, water buffalo, lions and lioness and rhinoceros in the bushes. People get out of the van. There is a Kenyan man carrying a spear in tribal clothing. There are close up of some species of birds near a small village, with Kilimanjaro seen in the distance. Elephants wander nearby. There is more wildlife: ostrich, water buffalo, rhinos, and a close up of lion family sat in the shade. The film finishes with a sunset.