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YFA 1518



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This is a comical story about a man who takes up filmmaking as a hobby.  During his exploration with the world of cine, he eventually makes a name for himself before being accidently killed whilst shooting an action sequence for his latest film.  The story is told by the narrator in a humorous way with the use of rhyme.

Title – The Oval Group Presents
Kelly’s Eye

The film opens with a man watching television.  The narrator introduces the protagonist as Lancelot Kelly who gets fed up with TV and takes up cine filmmaking as a hobby.  Kelly proceeds to make his own steam-powered projector fuelled by methylated spirit.  He then tries to synchronize this with an old Edison trumpet gramophone.  But dissatisfied with this, he scours Movie Maker magazines for some new equipment.  Checking out the test reports, he buys a Bolex camera.  He looks through many handbooks published by the Fountain Press, and he gets onto an old typewriter where he begins to write his script.  Having finished, and now loaded up with his gear, Kelly makes his way into the countryside.  There he finds a woman sunbathing in a bikini and films her, despite her annoyance by this. 

Back home Kelly takes the film out of the camera and sends it off to the processors.  On its return, he threads the spool onto his Bolex M - 8R projector, during which time Kelly notices some of the poor footage which he has filmed.  He then gets down to editing the film, cutting out the bad footage and splicing together the scenes he wants.  He projects the finished film for him and his dog to watch.  Kelly then watches a range of cine cameras go around on a turntable, and he buys a 16mm cine camera.  Up all night, Kelly works in his night gown to edit his films together aspiring to a more professional type of filmmaking.

Kelly takes his camera to his local pub, called “The Local,” where he shows it to fellow filmmakers.  He ends up winning the novice trophy in the “Open Competition” at the Scottish Film Council 24th International Film Festival.  The prize is a silver bowl which he proudly polishes.  The film Variations on a Theme brings complementary comments from the judges which lead to offers from various film producers.  He hauls his gear off to a cine club and then fixes a piece of equipment.  The film shows his other new equipment, including a reel-to-reel tape machine, an amplifier, splicer, a projector stand and screen, LPs, a speaker, a light exposure meter, and a record deck, all displayed for the camera.  With this, he dreams of becoming a movie mogul, and he buys even more expensive film equipment purchased by cashing in his superannuation.

Kelly goes on to make films of every description, including stop animation films with toy models.  He even films his wife applying lotion before getting into bed to read Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch.  Eventually one of his films is shown on Yorkshire Television.  But running out of ideas, he finally plans a James Bond thriller.  Kelly arranges for the film to be shot from on top of a moving van.  The scene involves a car chase, including a sports car as one of the vehicles, where a woman passenger is tied up and held hostage in the front seat of a car which is chased by a man driving an MG.  But as Kelly follows, standing on top of the van to film the scene, he is knocked off the van as it passes under a low bridge.  The three vehicles carry on without him.  The film ends with Kelly dressed as an angel holding a cine camera.

End credits: 
Bob Payne played Lancelot Kelly
Jack Eley directed
An Oval Film Group
The End