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NEFA 21523



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This amateur film documents a day out on the Keighley and Worth Valley Light Railway (KWVR), taking a steam train journey between Oxenhope and Keighley, calling at Haworth and Oakworth. This 1970s film was made by amateur Middlesbrough filmmaker Leonard Winter who also worked with the Cleveland Cine Club. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

The film opens with a shot of the sign for the Keighley and Worth Valley Light Railway entrance and car park. A second sign reads ‘Worth Valley Rly. Display of Rolling Stock’. Various shots show visitors and steam train enthusiasts looking around the restored steam locomotives at Oxenhope. These include a red North Western Gas Board Class 21 0-4-OST ‘Pug’ Saddle Tank engine. Close-up of the Keighley and Worth Valley Light Railway shield emblem embossed on the side of the engine. Pullman Zena carriages are also parked on the tracks. Restorers paint a step on one of the locomotives. The initials ‘G.N.& S.R’ are embossed along the tender of a Class 25 ‘Ironclad’ 0-6-0 engine which is being looked over by a number of visitors. The number ‘957’ is embossed on the cabin of the engine. A baby is lifted onto an engine by one of the KWVR workers in a striped shirt, possibly one of the drivers.

A crowd watch from the Haworth station platform as a BR standard 2-6-4T tank engine 80002 pulls into the station. The crowd, also standing on a footbridge over the tracks, watch as the train departs from the station.

The train, pulled by engine 80002, travels on to the next station. Travelling shots from the train capture the journey and the passengers looking out.

A small crowd admire the engine at the next station. The man in the striped shirt stands in the cab of engine number 1708.

Engine 80002 slowly shunts into position to attach itself to a passenger carriage. The procedure is watched by a small crowd and an engineer who indicates to the driver when the engine is in position. Overhead shot as the train passes beneath a bridge.

On another railway platform, a man stands beside two advertising posters for ‘Ogden’s Sweet Leaf Cigarettes’ and ‘Howe Bicycles Tricycles’. The station sports various old enamel advertising signs, including one for Camp coffee, along with the Oakworth station sign. A woman climbs into a passenger carriage. Travelling shots follow of the KWVR steam train on its way to the next station, Keighley, passing old wool mills along the route.

A small group of railway enthusiasts speak with the driver of an Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T No. 41241 engine which stands on the platform ready to depart. The initials K.W.V.R are printed along the side of the engine.