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YFA 361



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This is a film of Kathy Cole and her family visiting St Katherine's Teacher Training College in Liverpool which Kathy attended. A short section at the end of the film features a holiday in France.

(Colour) Four women and a man walk towards the camera in the gardens of a large building. One of them is Kathy Cole in a red duffel coat. An elderly man poses for the camera. Kathy walks along a wooden promenade by some water, and then is in a garden with flowers.

A plaque shows ' College' and on a wall reads 'Derwent Hall'. On a sunny day a group of women and men are sitting on chairs in a line on a lawn, including Kathy Cole. Some of the young women students dance on the lawn. Kathy strolls through the gardens, possibly with her mother and father.

The film then switches to a holiday by the coast, with the sign 'Montreaux'. The coast and mountains are shown, and Kathy standing by a horned cow. At the Guard St Bernard they take a mountain lift.