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YFA 49



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A film featuring Kathleen Cole as a very young child, a family Christmas and her cousin Geoffrey's birthday party, made by Kathleen's father.

The film begins with a baby sitting in a highchair, first with a book, 'Mother goose', and is then given some blocks and a trolley to play with. A man then takes the baby girl and places her on a trolley and pulls her along the floor.

Intertitle: 'Easter Sunday' 'called to see Geoffrey' The baby is sat in a pram in front of a house when a small boy comes out and poses with the baby.

Intertitle: 'Went for a short walk' The mother leaves the house with the baby in a pram, followed by a small boy accompanied by a man and a woman. Intertitle: 'Whoa!' A man puts a shoe back on the small boy as he sits on a wall. The group walk along a lane through some fields. The boy poses holding a camera.

Intertitle: 'Back to Geoffrey's For Tea' The grave stone of Anne and George Thornton is shown. Next the film switches back to the park where the couple sit on a bench with the pram and baby. The father, and then a woman, 'walk' the baby along the path. Next a small girl is sweeping up in a back garden with a broom.

Intertitle: 'Geoffrey's Birthday Party' Some birthday cards with 'Four' written on them, and a man and a woman are sat on a sofa before Geoffrey jumps up and sits between them. Intertitle: 'Grandma Greenhough and Geoffrey' A very brief shot of a man (!), with someone playing the piano behind him. Intertitle: 'Aunts and Uncles' Some people are sat in a room smiling for the camera. Intertitle: 'After Tea. Sitting at Table waiting...' Everyone is sat around a table laid out for tea with a birthday cake. Intertitle: 'For . . the . . . great . . . Blowout' Geoffrey blows out the four candles and cuts the birthday cake.

Intertitle: 'The Following Wednesday he took Kathleen a ta-ta . . ' Geoffrey pushes Kathleen in her pram along a country lane. Intertitle: 'Curiosity' Geoffrey climbs up a wall and peers over the top at a man with a horse=drawn plough. Intertitle: 'Curiosity' Geoffrey then wanders over to the farm barn and runs back. Intertitle: 'Curiosity' Geoffrey climbs over some steps over a wall. Intertitle: 'And actually took this photograph ..' Kathleen is seen sat upright in her pram. Intertitle: 'time passed, and had to make our way home' Geoffrey is again pulling Kathleen in her pram along the country lane. Intertitle: 'so toodle-do.' Kathleen is sat up in her pram facing forward being pushed along by her mother. Kathleen is then sat on the wall, first by her mother, her father and then her aunt, before being pictured in her pram with a horse rider passing in the background.

The film switches to Geoffrey in a park, followed by Kathleen being pushed on a tricycle. Kathleen is then seen in her pram and it rolls freely towards, and away from, the camera. Kathleen is sitting on the grass playing with something in her hand, and is then being 'walked' along the pavement by a woman holding her up. Some time later Kathleen is in the back garden almost walking on her own, before being seen pushed along in a 'buggy' by her mother along a wooded path. A group of people then take Kathleen into a field which has cows and chickens. On a sunny day back in the park, Kathleen walks smiling towards the camera. After more scenes in the park, Kathleen is again walking on her own on some grass before taking a tumble. Later Kathleen is again seen walking before being pushed along in a park by two women, where they held up by a couple of people on horses. There are more shots of Kathleen in her pram, walking in the street and feeding chickens. The she is held by her dad posing with a group of people.

The film switches back to the Christmas tree, and to someone opening a Christmas card for 1940. Kathleen is given a black baby doll. And there is a small keyboard and some Fry's Chocolate Drops. Kathleen is shown a Christmas card with her name on it. Next she is pushing her own toy pram. Then she has a hat and coat put on and is taken out in her pram by her mother and, possibly, her uncle. Kathleen is then seen pushing her pram along the street, holding hands with Geoffrey, into the park and in the garden. In the park Kathleen and Geoffrey drink out of a water fountain. A brief firework brings the film to an end.