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YFA 345



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This is a film of Kathleen Cole with family and friends on holiday by the seaside.

The film begins with four women sitting in deckchairs, followed by some women and girls in swimming costumes who run past deckchairs on the beach and wade out into the sea. A man and a woman are sitting in deckchairs near a beach hut. Then a couple of girls are throwing a ball to each other, and an elderly man lounges on a deckchair. Some women are drinking tea by a cabin, and three women emerge from a cabin in bathing costumes. One of them is a teenage Kathy Cole. They pose on the beach and sit by the cabin eating sandwiches. A group are then relaxing, with one of them, a man, throwing a ball up into the air and catching it. Kathy's father lights a cigarette.

The film then switches to a park where a young girl of about 3 years old feeds the duck by a pond.