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YFA 303



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A film featuring Kathleen Cole and her family during two time periods: roughly 1945 and 1948. The film includes a wedding and being on holiday and was made by Kathleen's father.

The film begins with Kathleen and her mother sitting on the beach at Blackpool in coats. The Kathleen is walking along a street holding hands with two young boys with three adults. At the boating Pool the three children are put into a boat, and they go on other fairground rides. They also go to a park and play on the slide, including the film going backwards, on the swings, roundabout ?-with a dog on it! The three children then pose near the beach with their buckets and spades. The family are then shown sitting in deckchairs outside their holiday apartment. A sign shows 'Pudsey Park Sunday July 14'. In the park the children go on a rocking horse, and a slide. Kathleen then comes running out of her friend's house with her friend, and with friend's parents looking on. The two of them do some acrobatics on the grass.

There are three young women, dressed up, stepping out of a large chauffer driven car and posing for the camera. They are joined by others at a wedding, and there is a group pose with the newlyweds, who are seen off after the ceremony with guests throwing confetti.

Then there is a switch to a woman in fur hat and coat walking down a wintry street, before the film switches again to show a small girl bridesmaid who is joined by Kathleen (at about 6/7 yrs old). Next Kathleen is shovelling snow in a street with snow piled high on either side. There are three women sitting on a park bench and then Kathleen and her friend are paddling in a park pond, and Kathleen sits on the water fountain in the middle of the pond. The two of them then do some somersaults on the grass. Then Kathleen is sitting on the grass with her mother and another small girl eating a picnic before Kathleen and other girls are swimming in an outside swimming pool, and Kathleen and two other girls pose on the grass in their swimming costumes.

The next part of the film shows a bridge over a river followed by Kathleen's parents walking along a street in a bright summer's day. From a bridge a wide river is seen with three other bridges joining each other up. Kathleen and her parents then visit a 'Pleasure Park, including a 'Cyclone Coaster' and Kathleen goes for a swim in a large outdoor swimming pool Here Kathleen poses first with her father and then with her mother. After a brief pause for ice creams, Kathleen does some somersaults. The film then shows a panorama of the coast, with factories in the background on the far shore, and comes to a rest with Kathleen with her mother. The Kathleen is running over the sea bed with the tide out, and an amphibious boat is launched with holiday makers on board. The end of the film.