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YFA 364



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This is a film of Kathleen Cole with family and friends on holiday. During the first half of the film they are in London and Paris in the second half.

The film begins in London at Horse Guards' Parade patting one of the horses. The film shows various locations in London: Trafalgar Square, St Paul's Cathedral (inside and outside) and Greenwich, where Kathy and her mother stand on either side of the meridian line. The old magnetic clock is shown and the Maritime Museum from Greenwich Hill. Then in London Zoo various animals are shown: penguins, bears, elephants, hippos, and a giraffe. Kathy and her mother are on a park bench looking at some photos/cards, before the film moves on to Windsor, then Buckingham Palace. Then a billboard is shown advertising the 61st season of the Proms, starting on Saturday 23 July. This is followed by showing the Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial, with Kathy's father walking towards the camera.

The film then switches to a close up of Kathy Cole's passport and then to Paris by way of showing some printed pictures of Paris tourist places. This part starts with a large crowd stood in front of a building before the title, 'University of Sorbonne'. The film shows the University buildings before Kathy Cole poses in front of the Seine. The film then does a tour of places in Paris and Versailles. These include Notre Dame, Sacr? Cour and the Eiffel Tower.
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