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YFA 305



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A film featuring Kathleen Cole and her family, especially Louise her daughter, made by Kathleen's father. It includes a family holiday in Morecombe.

(B&W) The film opens with Kathleen seated with her baby, Louise, on her lap. Kathleen opens a card with Louise 1961 on it. Louise is given some toys and her father 'bounces' her across the floor. Next Louise is sat at a piano glaring at the camera and bashing the keys. Louise is shown an artificial Christmas tree and tries to eat her doll. Other members of the family are gathered around the sitting room. Kathleen and her parents are in front of the coal fire playing with Louise. A smiling Louise has a bath in a tub by the fire.

(Colour) The film re-opens, a year or so later, on a sea front at Morecombe with Kathleen, her husband and Louise, throwing food for the seagulls. Louise walks along carrying a heavy bag, and then has a beach ride on a donkey. Then Kathleen and her husband go for a horse ride with others on the beach. Louise has a push on a swing before being taken to a swimming baths, 'Super Swimming Stadium'. Inside the large open air pool Kathleen sits with Louise, her mother and her husband, in his swimming trunks. Kathleen and her husband take Louise for a paddle in the shallow end. They are then back at the sea front, and enjoy a ride along the beach on a sand train. Louise toddles along the beach with her grandparents.

(B&W) The film then moves ahead a year or so with Louise at home playing with her dolls house and other toys with her mum and dad. Louise does a dance, the twist, in front of the electric fire with her grandparents looking on and encouraging. Louise's doll, doll house and small pram our gathered under the Christmas tree. They are joined by other parents with their small children. The film ends after a brief look at church notice board.