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NEFA 20473



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A home movie and travelogue documenting family life as well as visits to urban and rural beauty spots around the North of England: Newcastle upon Tyne, the Lake District, and Northumberland. The film includes rare footage of the Newcastle Illuminations, showing an array of shops, restaurants, theatres, and cinemas lit-up with bright and sometimes animated neon signs.

Title: Brytor Productions Title: Kaleidoscope

Title: You cannot guess what’s coming next

Title: " Town" to us means Home

Title: To introduce the Family

View of a man sitting in a deckchair drinking a mug of tea and eating a biscuit. Views of a man gardening.

Portrait shots of a woman, a young woman, and a man.

Title: ‘wor Nell'

Title: Mamma’s Pet

Various views of a dog. View of the dog sitting on a woman’s lap eating or drinking out of a bowl she’s holding in her hand.

Seaside scenes: the dog plays on the beach, swimmers wearing costumes walk towards the sea.

Title: Some Newcastle views Title: Surtees House – Quayside

Brief shot of Bessie Surtees’ house.

Title: Castle and Cathedral

Brief shots of the castle keep and the cathedral spire.

Title: 8 a.m. one morning in March – snow!

View of a snow-covered area of the city.

Title: Some tennis shots

Title: We cannot name them all

Views of men and women playing tennis together. Panning portrait shot, along the length of the tennis net, behind which crouch various players, friends, and family members. Further views of a tennis game in progress.

Title: On the occasion of his retirement

Title: The Postmaster-Surveyor of Newcastle upon Tyne – Title: collected a number of his staff for a photograph Title 17 March 1935

A photographer has set up his tripod and camera in front of a row of empty seating. The next shot shows the seating full of smartly dressed staff-members – the majority of them men. Views of the staff-members preparing to be photographed, and of the photographer composing his shot.

Views of staff-members smoking as they leave, having been photographed.

Title: Newcastle Illuminations

View of a neon-outlined theatre or cinema, “Olympia” lit up vertically down the front of the building. Another lit-up sign advertises “[…]ingston Ales. An animated lit-up sign advertises, “Walk Around The Arcade / Wilsons / Walk Around The Arcade”.

Further signs, “Queen's Hall”, “[P]aramount”, “Eldon Gril[L]” & “Barry Noble” (both in Eldon Buildings), the Cooperative clock; an animated “Guiness Time” clock, “Willerbys”, “R.S. McColl”, “Carrick’s Restaurant”, “Paramount”, “Boys and Girls / C[ome] Aboard The Cruise Ship / See The New Toys” next to it a Father Christmas icon carrying a sack, “Haymarket Theatre”, “Carrick's Restaurant & Caf… Carrick's”, “Playhouse”.

Title: Jesmond Dene

Views of the Ouseburn waterfall. Two people cross the river on stepping stones. Further views of the waterfall.

Title: If we mentioned the word Winter you would expect – Title: Snow

Views of a snow-covered landscape: a woman walks along a snow-covered pathway, tree branches thick with snow; whited-out fields. Further short views of the woman walking along snowy pathways.

Title: Country

Views of sheep and lambs in a field. View of a barbed wire fence, straggles of wool hanging off it.

Title: 1933 Whitsuntide

A family enjoy a roadside picnic. View of their car, and of their leisure on a blustery day.

Title: To Hawes Water

Smartly dressed men climb into a car. Views of the Cumbrian landscape.

Title: Buttertubs Pass

A man wearing a suit climbs up a steep rock face towards a woman sat at the top. The camera pans downwards, revealing the deep chasm beneath them.

Title: January or June Title: The tree always CAN make a picture

Views of woodland trees. View of Raby Castle (?).

View of the platform sign for Corbridge railway station, beneath it is an advertisement, “DAILY MIRROR / BEST ALL ALONG THE LINE”.

A steam train backs carriages into Corbridge station. Passengers disembark, among them a group of adult scouts (?) or walkers.

Views of the sea against the rocks, and sand dunes. A rough sea pounds against a harbour wall – possibly at Amble.

A young child runs out of the sea clutching a rubber ring. Several shots show children on the beach.

Title: Dunstonburgh Castle [sic]

Panoramic view of the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle.

Close-up of a man smoking, then eating a camp supper while wearing a tiny comical hat. Next to him a man and a woman drink from teacups.

Title: Incidentals through the view finder

Title: Liverpool

Title: On the river

Views along the River Mersey, filmed from a boat: of the Liver Building, of ships moored along the dockside.

Title: The Harper and Taylor families

View of a group of people sat on a bridge next to a parked car.

A woman descends some stone steps.

View of a church.

Title: Cora

Views of a park or gardens.

A dog eats from a bowl. The dog plays with a ball.

Title: Crathorne Church

View of the church.

Title: Chipchase Castle

View of the castle.

A man and a woman explore the castle gardens.

Title: Bamburgh

Panoramic view of Bamburgh Castle.

Title: The End