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YFA 1532



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Made by Leeds-based filmmaker Jack Eley, this is a light-hearted film about a thief whose robbery is foiled by the work on the Rural Constabulary. Harewood House is used as the setting for the film.

Title - Justice on Wheels
Spotlight on the work of the Rural Constabulary

The film opens with a shot of Harewood House. Inside a man is playing a violin.

Note - Sotheby's Ltd. Stradivarius Violin Circa 1650 at auction £9600

The man closes the violin case and walks outside where a car and his driver are waiting for him. He gets into the Mercedes 220 SE Automatic and drives away. The car drives down the driveway of the estate and exits the large gate. Nearby, there is a man leaning on a garden wall where he is reading a newspaper. The headlines of that particular Yorkshire Post include, "Govt punish 2 directors! Tory Protest." After the man sees that the car has left the grounds of the estate, he hops over the stone wall and makes his way through the estate grounds, past the fountains and towards the house.

Once at the house, the man breaks in and enters through a window. He rummages through everything in the room, collecting a silver serving set, jewellery, and cufflinks. Unaware that the violin is very valuable, he throws it to one side in order to use the case to carry his stolen items. Very pleased with himself, the thief stops to make himself a drink.

Meanwhile, a policeman on a bike arrives at the kitchen entrance to the estate. He parks his bike outside and enters through the servant's entrance. The policeman greets the cook with a hug, and the two of them sit down at the kitchen table to have a cup of tea.

As the thief finishes his drink, he knocks over a bottle causing a crashing sound which the policeman hears. The policeman runs into the next room, but the thief has already made his escape, climbing out of the window with violin case in hand.

Meanwhile, the butcher has arrived at the back door with a delivery. He has parked his bike while he makes the delivery to the kitchen, and seeing an opportunity, the thief steals the bike to make his getaway. A bicycle chase begins, the policeman closely following the thief. They race down a country road where they encounter a railroad crossing. The thief manages to get through just as the barriers descend. The policeman is held up by the crossing train, but after it passes, he continues the chase.

Mid chase, the policeman's bike breaks down. As luck would have it, a man is passing in a horse-drawn cart. He flags them down and continues the chase. They pass a man working on the road, and eventually two passing riders on horseback join the chase as well.

Nearing his house, the thief ditches his bike and runs towards a barn. The policeman is able to outrun him, and he tackles the thief amid a flock of chickens. He handcuffs the thief, and using the butcher's bike, cycles back to the station with the thief riding in the front basket.

Title - The End.